Top 10 beste open world games ooit gemaakt -

Open-world games are truly exceptional. Offering free will in worlds designed for pure entertainment is something that has placed special emphasis on the current generation, which has given way to us living in a kind of golden age within the genre with Geralt of Rivia, Trevor Philips, Link or Spider-Man himself among its greatest representatives. Post-apocalyptic scenarios, fascinating environments where epic fantasy is manifested, cities in which chaos prevails over the law itself, or ambitious historical recreations in which some license has been introduced for the player to experiment with almost inexhaustible possibilities. Either at the service of the narrative link that is offered to us or by immersing ourselves in its landscapes without direction or purpose. At VidaExtra we want to celebrate the most outstanding of open worlds through their greatest representatives: the best titles of the sagas that have established the genre itself.

Top 10 beste open world games ooit gemaakt -

A selection of 27 essential titles that, to this day, continue to fill players with adventures and experiences through main and secondary missions and huge amounts of secrets and unlockables.


There could have been more, of course. Not all of them are there, but without a doubt, they are all of them. We invite you to complete the list in the comments with those games and worlds that have become that bottomless pit of hours worth jumping into. The real question: Aren’t Man’s Sky, World of Warcraft, and Super Mario Odyssey open worlds?

What is an open-world game? In essence, it is a large scenario that we can explore in a non-linear way in which we will have a generous margin of free will: the player can follow the plot, commit acts of vandalism and try to evade the law or simply integrate into an endless scenario. no purpose for hours. Now, some games are classified as open worlds and games that take place in an open world. And it’s not the same.


The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Even though open worlds are usually associated with concepts such as free-roaming or sandbox. They are not synonyms. Free Roaming is the ability to move freely through the scenarios and freely choose our objectives. In addition, sandboxes explore the freedom (and creativity) of the player more than from a playable point of view. In May 2014, someone asked on the forums if World of Warcraft was open world. The answer was quite ambiguous, although an irrefutable nuance was put on the table: we cannot go to any point in Azeroth whenever we want to do whatever we want with any character. What’s more, for the Horde and the Alliance to communicate they have to drink a special potion whose effects are very limited.


Horizon Zero Dawn Thunderjaw 1920

That said, in most open worlds we will not be able to access the entire map from the beginning, but we will be able to revisit all the areas we have passed through and even rediscover them or access new content or unlockables that were not available before. Let’s take another example: No Man’s Sky. Hello Games proposes to us to survive and advance in an overwhelming, almost infinite, planetary system. And there is more and more to do in the game itself. Of course, Sean Murray’s team has not designed each planet: the game is procedurally generated.

For this reason, we have taken into account four essential (and quite reasonable) elements on which to narrow our selection beyond the freedom of being able to travel the world whenever we want.

Exploration: No matter how big the open world is, the sense of discovery must be well-grounded.

The inhabitants and living beings: Both the NPCs and the beasts we face must exist within a social, cultural, or natural ecosystem. They can be enemy organizations, powerful witches, or racing enthusiasts.

The regions: Each region of the map must have its context and identity, as well as a purpose by which we are guided to them. If possible, filled with collectibles.

The activities: Secondary missions, mini-games, arcade machines, competitions… Any excuse to do everything while doing nothing.

With all of the above before us, this is our selection of the best open worlds with one last nuance: all of the ones you will see can be played today on PC and current consoles.

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Assassin’s Creed 2

Although Assassin’s Creed marked the beginning of the seventh generation of consoles, it is unquestionable that it was with the sequel that expectations were truly exceeded. A masterful recreation of Renaissance Italy in which it is a pleasure to get lost while we test the inventions of the brilliant Leonardo Da Vinci.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The most recent installment of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Saga is, by far, the best of all. The Greek Odyssey that opens before us has no end, being the culmination of everything learned to date and taking all the right decisions of Assassin’s Creed Origins to the next level.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Perhaps its version for PC was nonsense, but Rocksteady put the finishing touch to the Batman: Arkham saga in a tremendous way, being the undisputed benchmark when it comes to measuring any game based on superheroes. Gotham City and the Batmobile have never been so popular.

Cyberpunk 2077

The city of Night City is one of the most ambitious open worlds ever created in a video game. Its six districts have a life of their own and our way of immersing ourselves in them and merging with the environment is one of the greatest attractions of CD Projekt RED’s spectacular first-person RPG.

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